Ebook protections, passwords... 
First of all, you can assign password(s), e.g. secret word(s) that the end user must enter before being allowed to read a certain page / group of pages. 
The ebook prompts for the password the first time the reader/end user attempts to enter a password protected page. 
The simplest action is to assign one password for the entire ebook. But you can do more. For example you can create an ebook with ten free introductory pages and protect the rest of the document with a password.  
Or you can protect different sections of the ebook with different passwords: say your ebook is a product catalog and you want some pages to be available only to first-tier resellers, some to all the resellers, some for everybody. You can create up to 128 groups of pages. 
You can use a password that is valid for everybody, or you can force the program to automatically assign a personal password (or passwords) for each user, a password that will strictly match the user name and email. 
You can set up an expiration date. If the expiry date is February 23 2020, the document will be visible until midnight of the 23, so it actually expires the first second of the 24th. 
You can enable or disable the print feature. When the printing feature is globally disabled, you can still allow the customer to print certain selected pages. 
Last but not least, you can disable the clipboard copy and the Print Screen (screen grabbing) feature. 
All the protections are strong because EBooksWriter uses its custom viewer application, and it does not rely to the unsecure Internet Explorer (like the competition does). 
The protections above apply on .Aeh and .Exe files. 
For .Mobi and .Epub, there are several protection schemes available from third parties: they are not so bad, even if they are not so as effective as the internal EBW protections on .aeh/.exe. 
EBW creates a non protected Mobi and/or Epub. The seller will apply the protection over the file. 
Amazon makes it available a protection scheme for Mobi (you can set up the command line compiler options in the EBooksWriter Export dialog for this; or you can apply the protection to the OPF file set, generated into the same dialog). Adobe makes it available a protection for Epub. 
Some of these protections mixes with the ecommerce / store solution, and are constantly evolving, so you may want to investigate about them when your ebook will be ready. In any case the protection will be applied on the top of the ebook created with EbooksWriter, so you are able to choose any (and to change your mind in future). 
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